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Kenyan men ‘escape’ to Valentine’s Day conference

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What started out as a joke on social media in Kenya about one of the ways men could avoid their partners on Valentine’s Day, has become a reality.

The suggestion that men tell their other halves that they are attending a Men’s Conference – has become a reality.

This year an actual Men’s Conference is being held at a five-star hotel in the capital, Nairobi.

In a clip shared by a local broadcaster, participants discuss different topics, including leadership in households and mentoring of young men.

A panel of male speakers have been exchanging religious and cultural views on relationships:

Citizen TV Kenya@citizentvkenya

The panel at the #MensConference2020 is ready

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However, the conference has been criticised for allowing women in the audience.

“The #MensConference that is being televised on Citizen is a Joke. How are women allowed in a men’s only function? This is just evident enough that some ‘elites’ want to hijack the event and make profits from it. Without Mzee Kibor, Issa scam.#MensConference2020,” tweeted Bravin.

“We are informed of some mediocre parody of the #MensConference2020 happening on Citizen TV. Kindly boycott, avoid, ignore and block, it has been pushed by feminine agenda. Be informed the #MenConference2020 is a private thing with top-notch secrecy,” 


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