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Okombe met death at birthday party

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Shocking revelations have indicated that slain international rugby player Mike Okombe was recklessly driven to hospital after being hit and killed by his wife and another friend.

A court was told Mr Okombe was killed by his wife Maryann Mumbi and friend Calvin Okoth at a birthday party in Kiamunyi, Nakuru County, on November 4, 2017.

Two witnesses yesterday told a Nakuru court that an altercation ensued between Mr Okombe, his wife and Mr Okoth.

The court heard that Ms Mumbi threw a stone at Mr Okombe, who staggered and fell down bleeding.

Mr Moses Aketch, a cousin of the first suspect, Ms Mumbi, and Ms Milka Njoki, wife of Mr Okoth, said the vehicle which rushed an unconscious Mr Okombe to hospital was involved in a number of accidents on the way in Nakuru town.

Ms Njoki, who was the driver, said she had panicked after the incident occurred at her house which saw her cause accidents on the way to hospital.

According to Ms Njoki, Mr Okoth grabbed a log which he used to hit Mr Okombe, sending him to the ground.

Mr Okombe was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.


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