Thu. Jul 9th, 2020



Ugandan children ‘died from pesticide pancakes’

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Two children in Uganda have died and 11 others have been hospitalised after they ate pancakes made with pesticides instead of cooking oil.

All 13 children are from the same family in Budumba, western Uganda.

It is reported that the children made the pancakes themselves – a dish commonly known in Uganda as “kabalagala”.

But the Daily Monitor says they used the wrong ingredients – mistaking a pesticide, used to grow watermelons and vegetables, for cooking oil.

The children then started vomiting and were taken to Busolwe hospital where two of them died and the 11 others are being treated, the news site reports.

Two children have died and 11 others admitted to Busolwe General Hospital, Butaleja District after eating suspected ‘poisonous’ pancakes commonly known as kabalagala. All the 13 victims are members of the same family


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