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Sammy Brayo -Hip, hop, skip & jump for 5KM at Beyond Zero Half Marathon with Agape Special Centre.

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Agape Special Centre team with Sammy Brayo during Beyond Zero Half Marathon
Sammy Brayo is happy after receiving a finisher medal after 5KM race at Beyond Zero Half Marathon.
Sammy Brayo receives a finisher medal at Beyond Zero Half Marathon
Sammy Brayo and Agape Special Centre team as they were arriving for beyond zero half marathon.

It just begun as a simple day as Miss Vivianne Mungai picked Sammy Brayo from his Juja home, early in the morning.

They quickly drove to Nairobi City where thousands of Kenyans had gathered ready to run their race.

Everyone was running for a course and Agape Special Team was running “for acceptance of children with disability”

Sammy Brayo is also a great Kenyan gospel artiste who has his music on YouTube.

On his arrival to the location, his condition could state that he was a little bit scared to try this race.

Hip, Hop, skip and jump on one foot for 5Km seemed like an impossible mission for him…!

So the race begun, and as he started to run, he never felt like stoping it… he run to the finish line and aquired a finishers medal…

Congratulations Sam!

Sammy Brayo says that it was an amazing journey and an interesting way to tell his whole system that all things are possible.

Sammy was born with no arms and he has one leg plus another shorter leg that he uses to do everything else including writing, painting, drawing eating and much more…

Agape Special Centre ensured that Sammy Brayo and other children with disability were able to participate in the Beyond Zero Half Marathon safely and conveniently. This was a great move that left the children happily encouraged and motivated to do more.

Speaking to the press, the director of Agape Special Centre, Madam Nancy Mungai said “It is my joy and success to see children with disability getting accepted back to the society and participating in all other activities just like other normal persons”

This day of March 8th 2020 is a day to be remembered and Sammy Brayo made a significant move that children with disability may live to embrace.

After the race, Sammy performed his song live on Citizen TV at Kubamba Live, he was then interviewed live on TV and a beautiful photo session with Agape Special Team including the director Madam Nancy and Producer Gee who happens to be his talent mentor.

Brayo says that he will never forget this day and will continue to bless Kenyans with his lovely music as he is now recording another gospel song whose music video will be launching soon.

His music video will comprise children with disability from Agape Special Centre.

He is also on the move to launch a campaign to buy a car that will help him move faster and accomplish bigger tasks with ease.

He says that his condition is natural and thus he believes that he was born like that for a reason and to accomplish a big purpose in life.

His ever smiling face would tell you clearly that Sammy Brayo is a blessing to this Generation and his attitude is the best in the region.

Agape Special Centre aims to help children with disability to gather confidence and courage to dare great things in life like Sammy Brayo and other children did at Beyond Zero Half Marathon.


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