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Interior PS: “Ensure all churches, mosques, and temples are closed” – (Livestreaming is the new option)

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The government of Kenya banned gatherings in all places of worship in a continued bid to stop the spread of Corona Virus ‘aka’ Covid-19.

St. Andrew front-view

Starting on Sunday MARCH 22nd 2020,

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe banned weddings and communal worship, saying it was illogical for people to attend gatherings where they risked infection.

Prayer session at the house of prayers – Pefa Donholm Church

In his recorded speech he said;-
“Let us not forget that Italy began its unfortunate experience through the decision of some people to continue attending gatherings, including religious ones as if nothing had happened. On Sunday, Italy lost 784 people within 24 hours. We will not escape a similar fate if we do nothing to address the risk in such gatherings,”

Previously, Kenya’s Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho directed administration officials to ensure all places of worship remain closed.

In his press briefing speech Mr. Karanja said;-
“Ensure all churches, mosques, and temples are closed. If any are found open within your area, you will be held personally responsible,” said the PS.

Kenyans on twitter ‘aka’ KOT attacked Houses of worship with criticism as being ”the weakest link” in the fight against the corona pandemic, check the hashtag #IgnorantKenyans,

Join #netizens on social media and feel free to criticize those who defied the government directives on the dangerous Corona Virus.

Sunday 29th March will be the second Sunday that Kenyans will stay the whole day without attending Church.

Christians at the middle of worship at Pefa Donholm – popularly known as ‘House of prayers’

This time around, it would be more serious to attempt holding a church service as police presence would be felt in all corners of the country in efforts to ensure that this directive is adhered to accordingly.

It is therefore wise for the churches to go Livestraeming or record and premiere their services.

Prayer session at City of Refuge Church in Thika, Kiganjo

Speaking to the press, ENTV Online Directors advised that if you cannot stream your church services, you can still record and premiere it at the desired time when all your viewers are on standby.

You can also ask for help on live streaming from ENTV by simply calling +254798155000

In his comprehensive ‘Stay Home Online Series’,
Producer Gee advises all churches and their media teams, to work closely with their respective church leaders to ensure that people stay up to speed with prayers and the word of God should keep flowing by streaming church services live online.

Wirecast gear full station used for livestreaming

“Nawauliza tu kwa upendo na upole, tafadhali jaribuni mtakavyoweza ili kusaidia makanisa yenu kuendelea kuhudumu kwenye mtandao na kuzungumzia watu manyumbani katika wakati huu mgumu wa Corona Virus – Nina uhakika kwamba wakenya wahitaji kutiwa moyo na kuhimizwa kuendelea kufanya kazi kutoka nyumbani” Said Producer Gee The King.

Bishop John Paul Thiong’o preaching at City of Refuge Thika – Kiganjo

Toms Punchline:- Churches are not closed, the buildings are closed. Search for God in your heart, He is always available. ‘He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent & Omniscience’.

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