January 19, 2022



Cheating man jumps from the first floor of lodging over curfew arrest fears

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A middle-aged man sustained injuries after he jumped from the first floor of a lodging at a city slum over fears that he would be arrested by police officers during curfew hours.

The incident took place at Hazina Sokoni slum yesterday in Starehe Sub-County at around 9 pm.

The man, who confessed he was from Mathare slum, had allegedly booked a lodging with a woman after cheating his wife that he was working a night shift.

“I was leading my officers on patrol during curfew when we found the man writhing in pain,” remarked Hazina police post Commander John Odaro.

The officers assisted him and he was taken to hospital.

It was established that trouble started when a butcher carrying a tray of cooked meat that the man had ordered startled him.

He was walking towards their room holding a lit torch since the lights were off.

“After the victim saw the light from the torch, he thought police officers were coming to arrest people and decided to jump from the first floor where he sustained a fracture on one leg,” a source said.

The government effected a 7 pm to 5 am curfew in Nairobi Metropolitan, Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale counties to tame the fast spread of Covid-19 in the four counties.


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