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Another mysterious disease linked to coronavirus emerges

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  • The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, US, is analysing a new disease that has emerged, which has been linked to Coronavirus and targets children. The infection has so far killed three children and over 300 have been hospitalised.
  • CDC is contemplating when to alert doctors globally to be on the lookout for the inflammatory syndrome. Among the symptoms for the disease are, fever, whole-body rash, bright red eyes and swollen lymph nodes, red cracked lips, extreme headache, and breathing difficulties.
  • CDC headquarters, Atlanta, Georgia, United StatesFILEA CDC spokesperson warned that the mutation of the disease made it harder to study it. At first, multiple reports argued that children were immune to Coronavirus.
  • In Kenya, on May 10, a 1-year child tested positive, on May 4, a 6-month-old too. On May 5 a 2-year-old and on April 30, a 1 and ½-month-old infant also contracted Coronavirus. Thus the CDC warned that the new disease emergence would not be assumed.
  • The disease’s symptoms are similar to the Kawasaki disease. A childhood disease that causes inflammation of the blood vessels (vasculitis), including arteries, veins, and capillaries.
  • It can affect any part of your child’s body and can cause damage to a child’s heart.
  • These new developments come at a time efforts are being made on how to protect children from Covid-19, with the CDC reiterating that children aged below two years should not wear a mask or anything that covers their faces.
  • The agency warned that children’s bodies, respiratory and immune systems do not respond the same way adults’ bodies do.”If a child tests positive, it is highly likely, there is an adult who has tested positive and infected the child.
  • The risk of children transmitting is minimal. Especially if the child is sick if you wear that mask on their face you can suffocate that child.”Minimize going out.
  • If you must, maintain strict social distance. Wash your hands. Don’t touch a child with hands that are not clean,” Dr Anne Macharia, an infectious disease specialist at Kenyatta National Hospital advised during an interview with Citizen TV.

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