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Signs Your Relationship Is One-Sided

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Realistically, the effort we put into relationships isn’t always evenly split. Think of the law of polarity, which says everything has two “poles.” You’ll get a big heap of love one month, but the next month, you might dish out the loving. Sometimes, sadly, this is far too unbalanced, making it a one-sided relationship.

You’re Afraid Of Causing Conflict


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Being afraid of causing conflict can lead to many problems in a one-sided relationship. For one, it’ll make the one who cares more work harder to sustain the lack of hostility or get things back on good terms.ADVERTISEMENT

You Feel Your Relationship Is Complicated


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Wanting to fix the small issues your relationship has is okay. It shouldn’t be too complicated to make things work if both of you work together. Somehow, though, your partner can’t compromise, leaving you to figure things out on your own.ADVERTISEMENT

You Feel You’ve Invested Too Much


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Hopefully, not everyone has to experience this, but it happens. You invest so much into something, only to realize your partner isn’t putting in the same. You’ve already done so much, and you don’t want to get out of it.ADVERTISEMENT

You Always Fix Things


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There’s no need to explain this one any further. You shouldn’t be the only one trying to do damage control. It isn’t your “personality,” it’s a bad sign for your relationship if only one of you is working on it.ADVERTISEMENT

You Don’t Share Your Real Feelings


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Withholding your real feelings isn’t always a bad sign, but it is in many cases. Maybe you do it out of fear judgment, and if so, that’s a red flag. You shouldn’t feel too intimidated to speak up. Someone isn’t doing their part and helping you feel comfortable.ADVERTISEMENT

You Try To Take Things Further And Fail


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If someone isn’t ready, then you can’t hold that against them. If that person doesn’t want to evolve with you, that’s not fair to you. How long do you have to wait?ADVERTISEMENT

You Don’t Feel Much After Interactions


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If you don’t feel anything after the two of you interact, you’re probably the one putting in less than half the effort. Why would a person who feels nothing do more than what’s needed?ADVERTISEMENT

You Feel Like You’re Lacking


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If you feel like you’re lacking, then naturally, you might end up doing more. If that happens, you lessen the load for the other party by default. You shouldn’t ever feel like you’re lacking.ADVERTISEMENT

You Second-Guess Your Partner’s Real Intentions


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Unfortunately, this isn’t a new concept for many. Some have had those partners that have a suspicious feeling about them. This causes you to overthink and not put in the same amount of effort because you’re busy worrying.ADVERTISEMENT

You Don’t Feel Secure About The Relationship


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There’s a reason you don’t feel secure in this relationship. You probably notice that the person you’re with doesn’t have the same interest as you. While it’s true that not every relationship is 50/50, yours is way more lopsided.ADVERTISEMENT

Your Self-Esteem Depends On This Relationship Lasting


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If you have so many feelings riding on this relationship, including your self-esteem, that doesn’t add up. When two people come together, you’re supposed to sharpen each other, not drag one of you down.ADVERTISEMENT

You Don’t Feel Like Your Partner Knows You


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Yeah, your partner knows you have a background in gymnastics, but there’s more to you than that. Both parties in the relationship should try and get to know as much as they can about the one they’re seeing.ADVERTISEMENT

You Have To Make Excuses For Them


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If you find yourself constantly making excuses for your partner, then that’s a red flag. You should get that fixed as soon as possible because both of you need to carry yourselves with respect when dealing with others.ADVERTISEMENT

You Settle For Less Connection


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You settle for less but you know you want more. You shouldn’t have to do this with your partner. Settling is already a sign of complacency, which means you’re the one-sided contributor.ADVERTISEMENT

You Worry About When You’ll See Your Partner Next


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This is a sign of a toxic relationship. Your partner shouldn’t ever keep you guessing. If you always want to see them, but it isn’t clear when they can see you, that should let you know.ADVERTISEMENT

You’re Overly Concerned With The Relationship Dynamics


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You want this to work more than anything, but you start compromising in other areas of life. Meanwhile, the person you’re infatuated with hasn’t gotten close to making the effort you made.ADVERTISEMENT

You Feel Lonely After Being With Them


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This topic was lightly touched on earlier, but here’s a difference. You might enjoy the moments together, but they don’t leave you fulfilled at all. This could mean they might be holding back.ADVERTISEMENT

You Aren’t Growing As A Person


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A relationship is like a plant when you treat it right. You need to water each other and help one another grow for it to last and be something worthwhile. If you aren’t seeing any progress, someone isn’t doing their part.ADVERTISEMENT

You Stay Complacent To Ensure Their Happiness


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If this is you, there might not be any way to recover from this. Once you start leaving this complacent zone, your partner won’t like it, and that will make things rough. See if he or she will work and keep you by adjusting, but chances are it won’t happen.ADVERTISEMENT

Your Person Finds A Way To Turn The Tables


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Even in the most grim situation, your partner manages to turn the tables against you. This makes you end up feeling like the problem and gives your partner more room to slack.


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