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We almost walked out – Dj Gee Gee, wife Jasmine on love and marriage

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Popular gospel disc jockey cum presenter Daniel Githongo alias DJ Gee Gee and his wife Jasmine Macharia have revealed intimate details about their marriage.

Through their YouTube channel, the two shared experiences from their love life and how they grew apart and almost walked out of their marriage.

According to DJ Gee Gee, his lack of communication contributed, among other issues, to their flame dimming early into the four-year union. He admitted that it was not easy for his wife, Jasmine.

‘I wasn’t communicating to my wife and that meant it was even harder for her. That was one of the things that made us really grow apart,’ said Gee Gee.

His wife narrated an episode that blew up, brought about by what she termed as the epitome of their constant arguments – their childless marriage.

During their fourth wedding anniversary, Jasmine said that she had had enough of Dj Gee Gee’s excuses of not wanting to have a baby.

“I brought up the conversation of having a baby and he said I should give him some time to think about it. I lack patience. That when I lost it, because I was feeling I had lost my youth. I got married when I had just turned 24. I didn’t want to have kids in my 30s. I thought he don’t wanna have kids. I thought I am stuck in a childless marriage,” she said.

According to Jasmin, her wish to have a baby before she turned 30 resulted in an argument that blew up quickly.

She admitted that she threatened to pack her things and even called her mother to inform her of her decision to walk out.

“After that argument, we grew further apart and we would go for two weeks without talking. I called my mum and I was like I am coming home,” she added.

The couple later patched things up after sharing their issues with another couple and in August 2019, the two welcomed their first child, a son they named Uriah. Jasmine, overwhelmed by joy, broke the news via social media.

“Introducing the most perfect boy ever. Uriah Macharia. Born last night at 11:03 pm. 3.3 kg of pure awesomeness. We are so thrilled to be your parents #forevertheMacharias So in awe of my little boy. So, in awe of what our bodies can do. So, in awe of Jesus! Thankful. Just thankful,” she wrote.

Gee Gee, on the other hand, celebrated his wife for persevering the pain during the pregnancy.

“I have nothing but love and respect for you. Labour pains are no joke but you A’cd it. Love you babes #foreverthemacharias the prince just joined the dynasty.” he replied. 

Celebrating their 3rd anniversary in 2017, Jasmine revealed that things went horribly wrong a day to their wedding.

She narrated that a day to the wedding, things started falling apart, sending her on an emotional roller-coaster.

“The day before our wedding. Everything went wrong. Some suppliers called and cancelled. The makeup artist to my bridesmaids cancelled. The hairdresser to my bridesmaids stopped picking my calls. Everything, absolutely everything made me cry. I don’t think I’ve ever cried that much in my life,” posted Jasmine.


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