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Her Excellency Suluhu Hassan Address The Kenyan Parliament

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"Even Tanzanian Animals Come to get pregnant in Kenya and go back to give birth in Tanzania. Our relationship is inseparable" - President Suluhu Hassan

Report by GerohPaul

In a well parked Swahili address, Tanzanian President Suluhu Hassan insists on a close relationship between Kenya and Tanzania. Telling that “Even the animals and the birds of Tanzania are brothers and sisters to those of Kenya”


“Even the wildebeest come to Kenya to get pregnant and go back to give birth in Tanzania”

“So the relationship between these two countries is natural and can’t be forced but be naturally embraced”

Her Excellency the President of Tanzania, address the joint Parliament sitting in Kenya

She repeatedly appreciated President Uhuru Kenyatta for showing up in Tanzania during the late President J.P. Magufuli’s Funeral.

Details of the live video are available on the following link.

She also created an easy time in the parliament by cracking jokes on how the Kenyan Members of parliament Kiswahili language is full of jokes and funny statements. She lightly took on the speaker of the National assembly who had earlier struggled with reading numbers and dates in Kiswahili.

President Suluhu Hassan said that she enjoys listening to the Kenyan parliament as it happens because she find humour in the funny and creative Kiswahili.

She insisted on creating a strong bond between Kenya and Tanzania, reminding the parliament that there is a special invite for president Uhuru Kenyatta to attend a special National day in Tanzania on December 2021 the official guest of honor.


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