September 29, 2022



Maina Kageni’s Roommate Ciru Stunned after He Said She Was His Sweetheart only For Miami Trip

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Maina Kageni is living the life many can only dream of.

The lively radio presenter has been hanging out with a beautiful woman identified as Wanjiku wa Kinuthia, aka Ciru., in Miami.

The two look good together, and fans of Maina have been begging him to marry her but what is the probability that the deep-voiced radio presenter will yield to fans’ pressure?

Maina referred to Ciru as “sweetheart of this trip only”.

The two went shopping before going out to party, and while at the mall, Maina told his roommate: “Ciru, you know by the way you’re just my sweetheart for this trip.”

She interrupted Maina saying: “You’re my sweetheart forever.”

Maina Kageni’s fans reacted to his statement, and below are the hilarious reactions:

Sonnie Essie said:

“Did I hear ‘by the way you’re sweetheart just for this…?’ Oh no! Don’t love for fun, let the reason be love.”

Pirrie Njogu wrote:

“‘You’re my sweetheart for this trip’ ngoma ino, ni forever!”

Mwari Gacururiga:

“Yaani is just for a trip. Your honesty is ouch”

Lily Njeri:

“Kenyan men nkt! Ati sweetheart for this trip.”

Not getting married

As earlier reported, Maina Kageni, during an interview with Jalang’o, said he loves women so much.

Talking about marriage, Maina said that he was not going to marry, saying he has learnt that marriage is not for everyone from his morning show.

“Some of the things I hear on the show about marriage are scary. It has taught me one thing, marriage is not for everyone but never say never…” Maina said.”


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