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Nairobi Woman Narrates Finding Her Stolen Child 9 Days after Nanny Attempted to Sell Her in Uganda

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It had been almost two years since Terry Vance employed a nanny. She came in when Terry was pregnant.

“I got her from a bureau in Kisumu and she came in April 2013,” she said. Although the nanny was not really good at her job, Terry decided to give her a chance as it was very difficult at the time to find another.

However, Terry would soon come to regret this decision because in 2015, while she was working, a neighbour called her saying that she saw her nanny leave and had not come back since morning.

Terry was restless and any information was crucial to finding her missing daughter who was only five months old.

“Social media is powerful because, after nine days, we received a phone call from a Kenyan business lady who said she had seen a girl resembling the one in the picture, in a town neighboring Uganda. They said that the baby was crying uncontrollably. And this broke my heart. We requested her to take a picture of the child and indeed it was my daughter,” Terry says.

They asked the lady to take the child to the nearest police station as they rushed to the border.

“That is how I got my baby back. Upon interrogation, we discovered that the bureau had sent the nanny to steal the baby and sell her to a woman in Uganda.”

Terry’s experience changed her.

“I have since learned to be extra vigilant with nannies. I also installed a nanny camera in my house so I can monitor everything while I am away,” she says.

“I could not imagine life without my daughter,” the mother added.


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