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Meet Campus Girl Who Doubles up as Night Guard for Fees

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For many campus students, university life is often meant for making memories through social life but not for Murang’a University student Mary Kinuthia.

Speaking on tv on Tuesday, August 14, Kinuthia, a student undertaking a course in Criminology, disclosed that she works as a night guard and is devoid of any social life.

She disclosed that she began picking up side jobs while in her second year of studies to alleviate some of the financial hardships she experienced.

“I came to Murang’a in 2017, I was joining first year. In 2018, due to financial constraints, that is when I began doing some (side) jobs. It was my own business. I hawked cosmetics to students in their hostels as well as outside,”  stated Kinuthia.

She added that her business collapsed after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country in 2020, leading to the closure of the institution.

In order to survive, she had to contact security firms where she landed a job as a night guard at Murang’a Referral Hospital.

“When the university opened, I opted to move my shift to night time in order to be able to attend classes during the day.

“That was when I was posted at Murang’a Level 5 working at the gate,” she added.

She also noted that to balance her school and work life, she catches 3-hour sleep periods between daytime classes and night duty.

She hails from a family of eight siblings, three of which are attending tertiary institutions while two are in secondary school.

“The challenge about this job is managing my study time and when working but I find myself studying while at the gate (during work). When it is not busy, I study.

“I don’t have a social life because my schedule is really tight,” she noted.

She further explained that she chose to work part-time jobs in order to support her father who is experiencing financial struggles.


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