January 19, 2022



Viral Granny Elated after Ruto Builds her a New House

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A 64-year-old granny identified as Margaret Njambi was full of emotions after Deputy President, William Ruto, fulfilled his promise and built her a new house in Gikandu, Murang’a County.

The granny gave her gratitude to the DP, comparing him to the likes of the late Kenneth Matiba for his selfless act. She also expressed her desire for Ruto to grace the opening ceremony and officially cut the ribbon.

“I appeal to the Deputy President to cut the ribbon during the opening ceremony,” she told the media.

“I’m your shosh (grandmother). I want you to come and see the work of your hands. I am very thankful and I do not know what to say. The house has been built the way you wished. I am very happy because of you.”

The granny further castigated the rocky relationship between DP and his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta. She urged that both leaders ought to put aside their differences and continue to forge ahead as a united front.

“I want both Uhuru and Ruto to reunite as one and fulfill the promises they made during their campaign period,” she stated.

The grandmother became an online sensation when a video of her speech criticising the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) went viral.

The majority of Kenyans were in awe of Njambi’s command of the English language.

“We don’t want anything about BBI. What is BBI by the way? We don’t know how it is written!” said the Granny.

Weeks later, Ruto met the 64-year-old at his Karen residence, upon which he gave her a tour of the place and his office.

During the meeting, Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro announced that the DP had promised to build her a new house at her village in Gikandu.

“The house will also be connected with electricity for shosh to be watching TV that will be a gift from the DP. We shall also be connecting the house with piped water. Shosh will also be getting two cows from Dr Ruto’s farm to boost her farming,” Nyoro stated


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