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Article by GerohPaul

Turn your BREAK UP into a TRADE UP! Get the psychological tools & emotional support you need to create a happier future! 

If you are undergoing a break up, it is time to turn it into a trade up…
Article by GerohPaul @entvkenya

Some time back, I was in a very happy relationship, but a day came and that relationship ended in a very devastating scenario. It is a story that I have never gotten courage to narrate in full.. just because everything about it s@cks.

In the first place, I get tired to think about it…

So I decided to go into a research on how to ensure that the present and the future matter the most than that painful past.

So my journey to research begun and I came up with wisdom that can guide my viewers and readers to learn so that no one in my circle will ever go through the pain that I faced.

Vector of sad couple.

In my search for emotional freedom, I learnt that “The same person you treasure today and work so hard for, can turn to be the reason for your emotional trauma.

In the beginning, “She was my Boo” in fact, we called each other BooBoo…

The word BooBoo was so strong that it could stop any anger and save us from all situations (Story for another article)

So when the day for break up came, even the word BooBoo sounded like and insult and was received wrongly.

Anything good I tried during the break up season was wrong and irritated her, until the real break up happened even though it was all in denial.

When a human being realizes that you need them so badly, they tend to take you for granted.

A broken heart. Drawing of a heart on a cracked wall. Broken relationships. Treason and betrayal. Past love. A quarrel.

In short, when you treat em like a queen/king, they’ll treat you like a slave.

Little did I know…

I went for deep research to seek help for myself and also to firm up my emotions.

So I discovered that you can turn your break up into a trade up.

You can use that painful season to make yourself the better person as you let your ex get into a new confusion and leave them wondering why you just went missing in action.

The idea is to let people keep guessing and wondering why you went silent all of a sudden.


“When will the anger, sadness, regret, confusion and shame ever end?”  
“How can I move forward?”

“What red flags did I miss?” 
“Why do I feel so afraid, hopeless & alone?”

Here comes the answers.

Both men and women alike have their heavy-hearted fears that their break up could put them on a painful path that may never heal for good.

Fortunately, it is just fear and the truth is that nothing is permanent. All situations can change.

It feels shameful because no one knows what people will think but the truth is, no one really cares because no one else understand what you are feeling like you do.

Male person feeling frustrated, sad and betrayed. Broken heart, breakup and divorce concept. Vector illustration.

You missed every red flag because you were so blindly in love and its not your fault, – Just that love doesn’t keep records of wrongs. Infact, they say that love is blind and all you did was to respect the blindness that comes with the good feelings of love.

You feel so afraid, hopeless and alone because you have not opened your eyes yet. You are still in the “stupid” blind love.

Whats Next?

Move on very fast.

Its time to open your eyes and see how the world has been waiting for you. You need to see what you have been missing out here. The streets had your best part of the burgain and your true other half has been enjoying the cold in the streets while waiting for you.

The truth is that when your true love arrives, you will definitely feel it deep inside your heart.

Psychologists say that when your heart’s broken by someone you love, the reaction in your brain is similar to physical pain.

To be safe,

Try these Step-by-Step Healing Process

  • Healthfully process the relationship you’re leaving behind and heal your wounds by thinking positive and making yourself to matter the most.
  • Cope with your anger & stop obsessing, fantasizing, or chasing that person and surely don’t chase even if its a new person as that may make you feel or behave desperate.
  • Don’t go sharing details of your breakup with other people especially the ‘new catches’ even if you want to share and to feel better about yourself, just try to avoid talking about it. Do yourself a favour, try to forget the person and count it as if it never happened.
  • Identify the core love issues & develop a plan to overcome any of your weakpoints to ensure better dating in future.
  • Step into a far healthier, more empowered version of yourself especially by chasing your own talent or career.
  • Tame “relationship volatility” & feel more understood, heard, respected & cared for.
  • Keep only healthy friends and avoid any mutual friends between you and your ex.
  • Get advanced dating techniques by reading such an article and incase you need someone to talk to, call your new r/ship coach GerohPaul on +254798155000 – Learn all you need to learn so that you may avoid inappropriate partners.
  • learn “relationship maintenance” strategies to keep love thriving so that you don’t fail your next best lover.
  • Develop love for what you do and focus without being distrusted, don’t look to the right nor to the left, Keep moving ahead, because life has a way of rewarding you in full for things that were unfair to you.
  • Travel the world, meet mingle, interact, make new friends, do all the crazy things that make you happy and upon all that, make sure you don’t loose your sweet self respect and dignity – in short ‘Don’t sleep around in revenge’ – you will be harming yourself at an expense of someone else.
  • Finally remember that the world owes you nothing but you owe everything to the world. So meet new people and live with less expectations because you are never entitled to anything unless your own life on earth.
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Written with Love by GerohPaul @entvkenya

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