May 24, 2022



Musician Eko Dydda to vie for Mathare North MCA seat

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The list of entertainers with political ambitions continues to grow with gospel musician Eko Dydda having announced his interest in the Mathare North ward representative seat.

Dydda explained that he had chosen to take up the challenge after being a disgruntled citizen for a long time.

Suggesting that elected leaders have continued to disappoint the nation, the Niko Na Reason singer insisted that the General Election is an opportunity for the polity to restructure.

“Tumesema wabadilishe na maybe hawaoni kitu ya kubadilisha, so itabaki tujibadilishie inchi wenyewe

(We’ve asked them to change things and maybe they can’t even see what needs to be changed. We are now forced, and have to change the country ourselves),” he noted.

The man behind hits such as Vidole and Psalm 23 urged voters to register and to push for the change in their areas.

“Chukua kura sasa tubadilishe hizi mtaa kimangotos kimangotos hatulegezi kamba

(Register as a voter, let’s change things around here whether they like it or not. We are not backing down),” the post read.

The singer did not mention whether he will be joining a political party ahead of the polls.

The announcement received applause from fellow artistes Holy Dave and Kriss Erroh who pledged their support for their colleague.

Time to step up as active citizens. We are the change Kenya is waiting for. Wishing you my and my brother, Billy Ojiwa, all the best huko Mathare. You are guaranteed my support both here and kwa ground,” Holy Dave said.

Kriss Erroh pledged his support, saying: “Seat belt off! Kaende kaende bro! Full support… online na kwa ground.”

Eko dydda has been a key advocate for ending tribalism in the country, in 2015 he dropped his birth names and fully embraced Eko Dydda as his name.

The passion runs down to even his family, his sons go by the names Keepitreal Favour Dydda and Amblessed Wisdom Dydda. He explained that they were deliberately named so that no one would associate them with any ethnic community.

Other entertainers seeking elective positions in the August 9 polls include, Kiss 100 presenter Jalang’o, musician and medic Frasha, rapper Prezzo, P-unit’s Gabu, Kelvin Daniel (Kijana Pat Pat), former radio and TV host DNG, Samidoh’s baby mama Karen Nyamu, Kikuyu gospel artiste Loise Kim and vlogger Xtian Ndela.


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