August 14, 2022



Critics question pro-legalization candidate Wajackoyah’s mental health

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One of the 4 presidential election candidates contesting in 2022 has questioned Prof Wajackoyah’s mental state

David Mwaure, Agano Party presidential candidate, has called upon the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) chairman Wafula Chebukati to evaluate the mental state of his Roots Party opponent, George Luchiri Wajackoyah.

Speaking during a press briefing, Mwaure doubted Wajackoyah’s mental fitness, citing the way Wajackoyah plans to deal with the country’s debt issues if he will be elected in the August 9 presidential election.

“I urge the IEBC chairman, Wafula Chebukati, to immediately constitute a panel of imminent psychiatrists to ascertain the mental state of this individual,” Mwaure petitioned.

David Mwaure, additionally suggested that if Wajackoyah will be found to be unstable, he should receive the best treatment available in the country and if the test turns out negative the government should enforce its law and apprehend him for committing a felony

“If found to be of unsound mind, he should be accorded the best medical attention possible. However, if found to be of sound mind, then he should be arrested and charged in a court of law for willfully planning to commit and promote a felony,” Mwaure added.

The Roots Party presidential candidate had announced his plan to counter the national debt if he will be elected will be that the country will begin the export of dog and snake meat to countries like China and overseas markets that are ready to consume dog and snake meat.

“My government will export snakes and dogs overseas to make more money to pay off the country’s debts,” Wajackoyah told supporters.

Wajackoyah also promised to legalize weed (marijuana) claiming he would allow the cultivation of the plant for research purposes and by licensed experts.

“Marijuana must be cultivated. If even Americans plant marijuana, then our opportunity will be to cultivate marijuana and export it to users out there and use the revenue to build our country,” he said.

He vowed to introduce mandatory toxicity and mental aptitude test for any individuals seeking public office.


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